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Leasing of works of art for Businesses

You manage a company or work as a liberal or independent profession,

invest with L’Atelier Unik and its partner Sacerd’Art!


Open your business to Street Art and benefit from numerous advantages thanks to the leasing solutions offered by Sacerd'Art.


Our proposals take into account an appropriate financing period (from 13 to 60 months) and a monthly payment that is not excessive in relation to your turnover.


As a professional, leasing or financial rental applied to works of art allows you to benefit from a deduction of charges which consequently impacts your taxation.


This is why it is important to respect tax fairness. We make sure to offer you the most suitable financial solution, in collaboration and under the authority of your accountant!

leasing art

The leasing system dedicated to works of art is ideal for companies that want to enhance and personalize their professional space. It is aimed at all professionals such as companies, independents and liberal professions.

We offer you the financial solution best suited to your accounting situation. Thanks to a rigorous selection of our financial partners, we seek the best financing conditions and financial security.


We provide quality service with dedicated contacts who are attentive to your expectations. Guarantee of processing and monitoring of your file within reduced deadlines.


We offer you insurance on the work for the entire duration of the leasing rental (within the limits of the terms of the contract), and thus, you benefit from optimal coverage in order to protect your artistic assets from potential risks (according to the contractual limits).

leasing art street pop

Art leasing allows professionals to benefit from substantial advantages both in terms of their cash flow and the tax reduction generated by the creation of the rental charge.

  • You choose leasing or financial rental, you are not the owner of the work for the duration of the contract (fewer accounting and financial constraints). 

  • Proposal open to all professional statuses with premises dedicated to the activity (With the exception of auto/micro businesses) 

  • You have no regulatory limit on the tax-exempt amount, but we make sure to respect a balance between your turnover, the amount of the work to be financed and the monthly payments. 

  • You recognize each of the rents as expenses deductible from your taxable profit (optimal tax exemption – Article 39-1-1° of the CGI).

  • You do not impact the apparent debt of your company.

  • You keep your investment capacity intact. 

  • You act positively on the well-being of your employees and customers by arranging your professional spaces. 

  • You have the free choice of works: rental of works by living or non-living artists. 

  • You finance works of art over the duration best suited to your company's cash flow

  • You use an innovative communication tool and you benefit from significant commercial rewards from your customers, partners and future customers. 

  • Possibility of resale in the long term

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